Symbols and Talismans

 I love the shapes, the designs, and the power that symbols can have in magical and healing work.  Those of you who have attained the second and third level training in Usui Reiki Natural Healing Method have firsthand experience with this process. This page is for sharing  some of the ones I am working with or have worked with.  Of course, there are many symbols and talismans that are not sharable, as they part of higher order types of training.  For example, I made a promise not to publicize the Reiki symbols, even though you can find them in a simple internet search, you will not find them here. Any symbol published on this site, if not one of my very own creations will have author/artist credit on the page it appears so you may buy the book or use to research more closely.  Each month, I will pick a symbol that can be connected to Medical Qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine/ Philosophy, or Reiki, as I love to see how world systems cooperate, rather than how they compete.   If you choose to work in meditation or healing work with any of the symbols I present, just remember that regardless of the symbol, the power of healing work comes from within you.