Why choose to have a Reiki or Medical Qigong Treatment?


Reiki and Medical Qigong both use gentle, soothing touch and typical treatments can be relaxing and rejuvenating, much like a massage therapy session.  There are several kinds of alternative and/or complementary techniques that are considered energy healing methods, including sound, light and magnet therapies.  Regardless of the style or methods used, all energy therapies attempt to promote the healing process through accessing and influencing, or balancing the flow of Qi (vital energy) through the energetic pathways in the body.  People choose these these therapies to experience relief for a wide variety of physical, mental and emotional ailments.  Some of my clients have sought treatments for issues including vertigo, allergies, post-operative pain, relaxation, diabetes, insomnia, depression, arthritis,  grief, addiction related issues and asthma.  Having a treatment assists your body to achieve health by promoting relaxation, pain relief, stress reduction and can improve your body's natural healing potential through these factors.

What is the difference between Reiki Techniques and Medical Qigong Techniques?


In my practice and experience, the focus during a Reiki treatment is to maintain a healing flow of energy (holding the healing space) without a directed outcome in mind except that the best possible healing occur;  the process is almost completely intuitive in nature.  Medical Qigong treatments, while also utilizing intutive skill, are usually more goal directed; the pracitioner is still holding the healing space, but with more deliberate intention.  When I practice Medical Qigong, I am generally  aware of and attempting to treat specific problems using a wide variety of healing  protocols and procedures.   I will also coach my clients to do Qigong and breathing exercises and/or meditations between sessions that are related to their particular health issues. 


The techniques I use are meant to be complementary to medical treatments, and can enhance their effectiveness; I do not diagnose, promise to cure or to prevent diseases or medical conditions.  I am not a medical doctor and do not advise my clients to abandon any medical advice, treatment plan or other therapy they may be undergoing in the care of a physician or other professional health care practitioner.  


Energy Healing Treatments Cost/Services: $100

The session  includes a patient assessment, discussion of healing goals and a basic energy treatment, plus any specific protocols needed.  Each treatment session may involve an hour to an hour and a half.  Multiple treatments may be necessary to acheive the wellness goals we agree on and some "homework" may be assigned for you to do while we are working together on your issues.  I also work with other practitioners by referral, should you need additional therapies (i.e, nutrition/herbal remedies, acupuncture, chiropractic, counseling, etc.) to help in your healing process.  Fees to the  referred practitioner are not included in this cost.     




What is a Reiki or Medical Qigong Treatment Like?


To receive a treatment, you would either lie down on a massage table, or sit in a chair, fully clothed.  As the treatment begins, the practitioner would place his/her hands lightly on or slighty above your body, in various positions on the head, torso, legs, feet and back.  Similar to receiving a massage,  some people report feeling progressively relaxed and calm during the treatment.  Other people report that physical sensations are felt, such as warmness coming from the practitioner's hands, tingling, pulsating, etc- these reactions are unique to the person receiving the treatment.  


 The video below is Reiki Master, Virginia Smith giving a Reiki Chair Demonstration


















This video is produced by LingGui Qigong and shows a medical Qigong Treatment







Other resources that might be helpful:


The University of Minnesota has put together a concise and very informative collection of information regarding energy healing and other alternative therapies.  Follow these links to read about Reiki, Qigong, Energy Therapies and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Also, see the resources tab on my website for even more topics to explore. 










Traditional Chinese Medicine





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