I offer a variety of approaches to therapeutic healing and personal wellbeing through the services offered. Providing a blend of Eastern and Western techniques, my aim to is to fulfill 3Bao Healing's mission of practicing mindfulness in every act I do.   

Energy Healing Treatments: $100

Currently, sessions take place remotely via teleconference


The session  includes a patient assessment, discussion of healing goals and a basic energy treatment, plus any specific protocols needed.  Each treatment session may involve an hour to an hour and a half.  Multiple treatments may be necessary to achieve the wellness goals we agree on and some "homework" may be assigned for you to do while we are working together on your issues.  I also work with other practitioners by referral, should you need additional therapies (i.e, nutrition/herbal remedies, acupuncture, chiropractic, counseling, etc.) to help in your healing process.  Fees to the  referred practitioner are not included in this cost. *See below

Effectiveness of Qigong Therapy Study

Other Treatment services::

treatment Plus:

Medical Qigong Treatment Plus 4 weekly classes: $140

Monthly treatments plus classes: $120 per month

Practical Character strengths/ Resilience training: $175

Includes Regular treatment and Strengths assessment w/ guided practice/ Private lessons

I should point out:

*I am not a licensed Medical or mental health counselor, Medical Qigong, Integrative Health Practices, and other alternative therapies are complementary to western conventional Medicine.  I do not diagnose, claim to treat Particular medical conditions, or prescribe Medications, herbal remedies, medical diets, or Essential oil recommendations.  My treatments and movement sessions are practical, safe and beneficial additions to your ongoing health care program.  I look forward to working with you!

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