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The I Ching (Yi Jing), Book of Changes, has been consulted for millennia, often for predicting the future and as a source of wise counsel in all matters related to the human condition. Originally informed by the Chinese perspectives of Daoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism, its wisdom and reach has now connected with seekers from every tradition. Some people say that it is none other than a map of space and time, following the seasons and cycles of the Earth, of humans, history, and the Universe. By deriving hexagrams through tossing of coins, yarrow stalks, or, in our world of technology, digital clicks, a mindful practitioner has access to guidance on a wide range of possible questions, from the mundane to the universal.


Other versions of this journal consider readings on a weekly basis, but this one is for those who want to record single readings or daily readings, regardless of timing, or for those who would like to keep a record of readings done on behalf of others.


Pages include space name and draw hexagrams, changing lines, trigram arrangements and other aspects of the reading that would be important to consider in the overall meaning, like inverse, opposite, mutual and related month, so the reader can explore more nuanced cues from the oracle. This is a handy tool to keep readings organized and to jot down intuitions, inspirations, and advice revealed from casting the I Ching.


Available in paperback, which to some may be more economical, and in hardcover, which some to may be more durable.

Reading Notes for I Ching

  • Since Amazon handles all aspects of ordering, including customer service, any issues with your new book should be addressed with Amazon Customer Service.  I do not keep, ship, or handle any inventory of these books.  Thank you!!

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