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Master of Medical Qigong (MMQ) and Qigong Movement Coach

Reiki Master/Teacher









I am a Master of Medical Qigong, a Reiki Master/Teacher and I have practiced energetic healing techniques for almost 25 years.  Through this practice, I am able to offer the experience of energy healing through private healing sessions and through teaching practitioners and people who want to learn how to include Qigong movement into a personal healing/wellness practice.  


Teaching and sharing the healing arts is and has been a great joy in my life.  I love witnessing the peace and happiness that comes over students' faces as they begin to witness the unexpected, profound power of their own healing hands and/or the gentle powers of their bodies in sync with others, the earth and the stars-what the ancients called the Divine.  These experiences are accessible through skills we mostly take for granted:  standing (or sitting), moving with intent, simple focus and just breathing.    


My healing sessions  are intuitive and usually include a combination of the Qigong and Reiki techniques.  As an ordained interfaith minister (Universal Life Church), I also study and incorporate a multi-faith approach in respect to the spiritual nature of the healing and esoteric arts.  I am currently undertaking Daoist training from my teacher, Sarah Cherry (Temple of the Tranquil Earth- Franklin, TN), who is a 21st Generation Disciple of Long Men Pai (Dragon Gate sect), Qing Cheng Shan, Sichuan province.  She studies with Abess Zhang Ming Xin and Dr. Bernard Shannon, DMQ (China).


I teach Reiki Practitioner Training and facilitate Qigong exercise and practitioner classes at various venues in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.


I have a Bachelor’s degree from MTSU, where I studied Philosophy and Women’s Studies.    

I established 3  Băo Healing (3 Treasures) to practice this work that I love, promote energy healing techniques and services and to promote Healers, Teachers and Practitioners in the Nashville, TN area, where I live with my family.  Please contact me if you would like to schedule a class or session, I look forward to meeting and working with you!




Nashville Healers and Teachers


5 Virtues Medical Qigong 

School and Clinic

(MQP Practitioner Training/ Healing, Conscious breathing training, trauma)

Dr. J. Michael Wood, Doctor of Medical Qigong (DMQ), PBMC, OBDS



Body and Abode Healing and

Temple of the Tranquil Earth

Qigong Treatments, Classes, Feng Shui, Therapist and Master level Medical Qigong and Daoist initiate training:

Sarah Cherry, 

Doctor of Medical Qigong (China)


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True Nature Qigong 

Kerry Miller, Medical Qigong Practioner


We Qigong

Yuliya Gulmi, Medical Qigong Therapist



Creative Action Seminars

Andrew Krichels, Innovator

The goal of his work is:

"...to joyfully lead participants to finding and maintaining their center, collaborating with others through the creative process and honing techniques to live a grounded, centered life in a continuously healing body."

Local Businesses:

Nashville Center for Alternative Therapy (East Nashville)- acupuncture, bodywork, workshops, classes, Reiki shares, qigong, ayruveda, intuitive healing, massage

therapy, counseling, life coaches, and more



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Cosmic Connections http://www.yourcosmicconnections.com ;

(also sponsors and organizers for the annual Galactic Expo)



 National and regional Qigong and Reiki Organizations/Info


The Qigong Institute



The National Qigong Association



The International Center for Reiki Training 



The International College of Medical Qigong

(Dr. Bernard Shannon, Founder) 



Spring Forest Qigong-

Master Chunyi Lin



Qigong Master, Robert Peng



Supreme Science Qigong (Jeff Primack):



Bruce Frantzis- Energy Arts ( “Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong” and “Qigong Tua Na”)



The Reiki Threshold- Richard Rivard, 



Healing Today (Reiki information and classes throughout the Southeast/west):




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