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Updated: Jan 26, 2021

“It’s quite possible that things will turn out much better than you can possibly imagine.” Courtesy of Evolver Social Movement (via Facebook, 4-5-19)

Well, that is refreshing. This was supposed to come out several weeks ago, and I got a little side tracked.

A better angel's better question: What if there is nothing wrong with this dog?

Random changes have occurred, which I will attribute to the full moon on the Spring Equinox with Mercury in retro on the 25th day of March, Year of the Water Earth Pig, on a day while the Schumann Resonance was spiking. And my Spleen issues. It was a hot mess and by now, it's been a new full moon and a new new moon. A full moon one weekend with the Summer Solstice chasing behind. See what I'm saying? Time really waits for no one.

Okay, I did a little name change for my practice. Energy Eclectics was a good name, I thought at the time, and I have enjoyed it, but it no longer "sparks joy". Over time, it became clear from, um, various feedback, that its meaning is not clear nor does it seem clever anymore; plus it just doesn’t glide off the tongue- it awkwardly trips. It gives people pause- did she misspell electric? Are her lights on, but nobody’s home? Is she mocking me? At least one person thought it meant that I couldn't make up my mind about what I wanted to do. It begins to be too overwhelming, exhausting, even.

So, as we say in the South, I thought on it and prayed on it, slept on it and waited on it. For. Several. Days. By the way, did I say that one serious Spleen issue is obsessiveness? Anyway. I finally did something about it and the name of the practice is now: “3Băo Healing”. Done. Out of the rabbit hole. Sort of.

But, why 3 Băo, you may ask. Well, I had my eye on "3 Treasures", but it was already taken, not surprisingly- it's a very cool name for a Qigong practice. So I looked for other words that could stand in for the word treasure and "bao" came up. Bao is one of the most common Chinese characters - -and it carries multiple meanings, so there are many, many ways to interpret it- it's "eclectic" one could say, therefore, the old name hasn't really died, it has just changed form. Yeah, that's it. It can mean "to contain" -hold something, as in, "...the usefulness of a pot is it's emptiness"- Lao Tzu, or, "to fortify", referring to an actual fort. Other good ones are: to protect, as in baoyang, which means to protect and nourish. A băo can embody or it can embrace, it can envelope. It is a colloquial term for "baby"; also, Bao Bao is the name of a famous panda.

Protection, nourishing, embracing; babies- baby pandas-who doesn't like baby pandas?!

And, I've always liked the number 3.


The Heavens opened, the Divine spoke,

Light shown down upon the waters...

All was good and mighty and righteous.

No- really- a small light shown in the dimmest corner- grace, really. Or a night light.

Quick reference from Wikipedia:

“The Three Treasures or Three Jewels (Chinese: 三寶; pinyin: sānbǎo; Wade–Giles: san-pao) are basic virtues in Taoism. Although the Tao Te Ching originally used sanbao to mean "compassion", "frugality", and "humility", (italics, mine) the term was later used to translate the Three Jewels (Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha) in Chinese Buddhism, and to mean the Three Treasures (jing, qi, and shen) in Traditional Chinese Medicine.” (ref)

3Bǎo, or Sānbǎo, represents three guiding ideals for a new perspective I am cultivating about healing and spiritual practice-

Compassion- "Compassion is to look beyond your own pain to see the pain of others." Yasmin Mogahed

There but for the grace of God go I. Most healers and sages are not especially perfect people, though so often we expect them to be, or we expect ourselves to be as healers. Compassion requires that we connect through our shared human frailty; recognizing this is a great healer's tool. Hopefully, it helps to create a safe healing environment where the darker aspects and pain in healing can be honestly examined and transformed. It also becomes apparent that many times the Dao/God/Universe sets before you many people who share the same types of issues, so healing can often be two way.

Humility -"I pray for humility, honestly, because it's very easy to get caught up in the world." says Katy Perry.

Yes, this. As a healer, I have practiced a few decades-countless hours of study, practice, time and money. I have a few degrees and I have taught other people to do some of this. People could and sometimes do expect things of me. And still I know nothing; I am not wiser than. I am not the one who "does" the healing. Healers aren't fixers, or experts, but if we are lucky, the power of healing will cooperate with us when we call it down. I am a conduit through which the healing light is facilitated- holding the flashlight still so the patient or student can extract their own splinters.

Balance- instead of frugality, I prefer the words moderation or balance- healing is harmony among the layers of mind, body and spirit which are, in Medical Qigong- Jing (material), Qi (mental/emotional) and Shen (spirit)- these are the three treasures of humanity. Harmony requires balance= the perfect amount of what is needed exactly where it is needed. I believe I have worked well when I have gone neither beyond, nor fallen short of the job at any given moment or any given phase of the total.

"Well, when I get out of that groove, then, I'm in trouble." (Propellerheads-listen )

So be it and so it is.


From Ursula Le Guin's translation of the Dao De Jing:

67: Three Treasures

Everybody says my way is great

but improbable.

All greatness is improbable.

What's probable

is tedious and petty.

I have three treasures

I keep and treasure them

The first, mercy,

The second, moderation,

third, modesty.

If you're merciful you can be brave,

If you're moderate you can be generous,

and if you don’t presume to lead

You can lead the high and mighty...”


3 Băo/a Southern-style inauguration:

Compassion- “I’m from the south, darlin’, I will bless your heart and slap the mess out of you. And then bring you a casserole.” (seen on a meme) So, do Bless that heart, do bring that casserole, but, do not slap that mess out. Lord, have mercy.

Moderation – Live simply, love like crazy. Just don’t try to fit three gallons of that crazy in a two-gallon bucket. Too much of not enough is still not enough. Not enough of too much is still not enough. The trick here is to achieve balance so that enough is enough. "Everything in moderation, including moderation." Attributed to either Julia Child, or Oscar Wilde. Don't be a wild child, but then again, don't not be one every once in a while. Oh for God's sake, just move on.

Humility- Don’t get too big for your britches- this is the art of not being uppity (high and mighty). Okay, on this one- I realize that humility might seem like a stretch for someone having a website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, a blog and 200 business cards on the way with a complimentary T-shirt (which, if I like it might be for sale in a bit), but we’ll just say that it’s a work in progress.

And leave that one lyin’ where Jesus flang it.

BTW- I did decide to sell the t-shirt. If you want to have been here, done that AND bought the t-shirt, please do here:

While you are at it, consider signing up for one of my Reiki trainings or healing sessions. Love ya! Self-promotion or the Dao moving, you be the judge.


The Qigong practice part:

It bears repeating:

“It’s quite possible that things will turn out much better than you can possibly imagine.”

The Spleen organ system, which includes the stomach and pancreas, represents the Earth element in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Whereas all the other organ systems have a season of the year all to themselves, the Spleen does not. You can imagine from there that besides overthinking and obsessiveness, another Spleen issue is self-esteem or lack thereof. But, not to worry- the spleen energies ramp up during these transition times during the year. Your digestion of both food and ideas may go a little wonky around the changes in seasons, the Solstices and the Equinoxes. The Earth element is a combination of all the other energies, so as they change and re-balance and harmonize, stomach and over fast moving thought (worries/anxieties) can result until things simmer. Fun times. Go easy on yourself and you'll be all right.

"Depressive rumination can feel like you're a lab rat on a running wheel to nowhere. How can you break the cycle of negative rumination? Based on a simple split-brain "up-down" model between the cerebellum and cerebrum...I believe that activities that engage the cerebellum and unclamp the prefrontal cortex might be directly linked to breaking obsessive or compulsive rumination." (Bergland) "Multiple studies have identified that people who are experiencing depression are more prone to rumination and repetitive thoughts of shame, anger, regret, and sorrow." This is the "woulda, shoulda, coulda" dynamic that works like a lasso or a noose, keeping you in fruitless obsessions rather than moving forward. Energetically, as one of my teachers has observed in his work, this is a pathological pattern that does appear energetically as a spinning lasso that is anchored in the Spleen orb and revolves at the top of the chest when it is triggered (see 5VirtuesQigong website for more on energetic patterns). Redirecting your focus by doing an activity that requires you to totally be in the moment, like, as Bergland suggests, climbing a tree or balancing on a beam (proprioceptive activities), disrupts the rumination by forcing you to pay attention to what you are doing now in a whole body way. Like your Mama always told you- when you are stuck, just get your mind off it for a bit and come back. Qigong can take many forms, some of which look like ordinary activities, a.k.a.- Housework (ref please tap for a treat)

Introducing Domesti-gong:

Reduce Fear and Obsession also by

(spoiler alert):


-Chewing gum


-Really any activity that involves a rhythm to challenge the spinning activity of overthinking or obsessing.

Going to extremes, though is not good, you'll be happy to learn. Being overzealous about it can actually cause more anxiety, especially in your children. I love me some Lilly Singh, aka, Superwoman. Remember, moderation, compassion, humility. My house is not perfectly clean because I am so humble.

If you catch yourself mentally looping, the most important thing you can do in the moment to stop it is to immerse yourself into an activity that requires you to fully focus on the task- housework, Qigong or Taichi, do a cartwheel or climb a tree. Studies have shown these kinds of activities have the power to change the rhythm and flow of negative thoughts swirling like a lasso in the mind (these are not the same thing as the mind, but that is for another post), clearing the palate for something else. There are some people for whom the struggle to deal with intrusive, obsessive thoughts is not as easy as this. Those who suffer from Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder (OCD) may find it much harder to break through the cycle of mental looping. It’s nearly impossible for them to automatically stop the flow of negative thoughts because of differences in neural circuitry.

Almost everyone deals with intrusive thoughts, defined as thoughts, which if acted upon, would be socially unacceptable- sexually inappropriate, violent, or excessively harsh actions-i.e., someone cuts you off in traffic and you have a sudden fantasy of cutting off his head. But of course, you don’t do it (most don’t) nor do most of us take it seriously that we actually would. By and large, most of us can dismiss these without taking them seriously. But, when a person suffers from full blown OCD, this process is not so straight forward. For them, these thoughts continue to disturb, causing a neurological feedback loop that is exhausting and leads to terrifying fears about the possibility he/she might actually be a murderer. To read about how OCD plays out in the brain, read here. While the techniques above may work in the short term, OCD sufferers may need extra help to stop the damage of intrusive thinking. Even though conventional talk therapies don’t work as well for OCD sufferers, it is still manageable. Read here for a promising therapy that counselors use to help; of course, hiring a Qigong therapist and coach for your healing team can absolutely enhance skills you need to make life saving and life changing habits.