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Year of the Black Water Tiger- 2022

May you have great good fortune in this coming year.

We’re coming up on the Chinese New Year February 1st, so this is a quick message about that. My teacher, Sarah Cherry writes a new year and feng shui article each year for those who are interested in learning a little more about these two aspects from the Daoist perspectives on astrology and the beginning of spring, celebrated also as Imbolc, St. Brigid’s Day, Candlemas, and the upcoming Groundhog Day (shortly after). The celebration in China is traditionally a week or two long- so something is going on each day of the event and for several days before in preparation. Here is a great description of it, from “

This year, the new moon is happening on February 1st, too; energetically this day seems super charged with the powerful energy of fresh starts and new beginnings- that gentle feeling of the start of the day before anything has yet disturbed quiet thoughts and a soft glowing light. Savor this feeling, store it up in the days coming this week. This could be a great way to cultivate this kind of energy as you think about how you would like your year to unfold. Breathe in, basking in the feeling of a brand new day, breath out your wishes, full of possibilities.

I am happy to say that my year is already starting well. I am pleased and grateful to be joining Nashville’s very own integrative health and medicine clinic, Ha Lé Integrative Health, as an independent contractor, where I will be able to offer my services in medical qigong, reiki, and other holistic healing methods. Ha Lé means “breath of life” (Vietnamese), “home” (Hawaiian), and in English, “hale and hearty” is a phrase used to describe someone who is vital and healthy. This single phrase genuinely reflects the vision and heritage of founder, Janice Cathey, who started the clinic six years ago and has built a nice team of alternative/complementary arts practitioners. Along with the guidance of a couple of medical doctors, the team offers “whole body” therapies to enhance their clients’ progress toward healing. I think their holistic approach is innovative and moving in the direction that healthcare overall should be taking for the future. I am honored and excited to be beginning this collaborative work and hope I can contribute to the growth and success of Ha Lé. Read more about the clinic and their process here:

New Year Blessing Ceremony offered by the Temple of the Tranquil Earth:

We will be following Sarah at the Temple of the Tranquil Earth as she leads us in a new year blessing ceremony on February 1st. The ceremony will not be public, due to covid restrictions, but if you'd like to participate or have her say a special blessing for you or your family (or both) please reach out to me ( with the request and I will make sure she gets it! Since all such blessings involve an exchange of energies, please consider donating to a valued charity, or even offering a donation to the Temple so we can keep the flow of blessed energies going and moving forward. Thank you!!

An image of the new moon and a fairie talking with and adoring each other
Photo credit: Amazing Me Movement, from Facebook post (Celtic Witch, 1-28)


More on the year of the Tiger

Some highlights: Yang water is moving water- think oceans and rivers and stronger streams- the tiger symbolizes leadership, power, wisdom, and strength. Sarah uses an analogy to the tiger mentioned in the I Ching’s hexagram 49, often translated as “revolution”, to examine the meaning of this animal in the Chinese astrological system. Because they don’t change their stripes, they are considered symbols of good leadership with deep transparent honesty, with the ability to remain humble, despite their cleverness and deft skills of discernment, creativity, and strong independence. Tiger people can be adventurous, creative, resilient, and competent, but can lean a little on the impatient side, or can be arrogant and ruthless in pursuit of their goals if they are not actively working on their gentler, wiser natures. Follow the link above to learn more about this year’s possibilities.

Some highlights: Sarah did a feng shui analysis for my home last year that was relevant (scarily so) to things I had noticed about living in my house for years but could not put my finger on. I would highly recommend her work to anyone who wants to gain insight on the energies of the home and land you live on and how it interacts with you and your family’s energies. She will do a thorough analysis and can even come out to your home to discuss it with you (once we are all safe from covid and restrictions are lifted, that is). Her adept work in this area personalized for you is truly worth every penny of her fee. Because my technical knowledge of feng shui is very limited, I won’t give out highlights for this year from her article, but do take the time to look it over. Feng shui is so much more than interior decorating and Sarah does an excellent job of spelling out how the energy aligns this year with the elements, directions, and offers enhancements to increase good fortune and cures to dispel the negative influences.

As always- I invite you to join our video qigong class- still offered weekly on Monday evenings or Friday mornings for the foreseeable future. We'd love to have you join us for a weekly practice. Or, consider a distance healing treatment- check the booking link for availability (both the services and the tabs) Booking online with Cyndi

The next article I will offer will be on the topic of body image- if you have questions you'd like me to address for this article, let me know in the comments or through the email address above. I'd like reader interest to guide the subjects we tackle this year, so I'm anxious to hear from you!

I have started a discussion forum with the Yijing/ I Ching Project in 2022: here is the link to this year's reading page (the coming week's oracle reading was very interesting and synchronizes with the time perfectly). The forum is linked on the page. Yijing Project 2022

Be blessed and well-


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