This collection of Yijing Hexagrams is made up of hexagrams being cast weekly, each Sunday, throughout 2021.  The description for each week's drawing appears alongside the main hexagram, along with changing lines (if any) and transformations.   For further exploration, sometimes blog articles or PDF files containing notes on symbolism, Traditional Chinese Philosophy, history or other intuitive comparisons are included.   I encourage those interested to add their own intuitive impressions or use familiar sources of their own, as well.  I introduce my favorite Yijing interpretations/sources, both online and in print only as a resource for those who are interested in deeper study of the oracle. 

My goal is to offer readers a way to learn about this ancient divination system by focusing on one general reading weekly for personal development using the energies and cycles of time described by each Hexagram drawn.  The question I pose each week is the same, "What can we know about the prevalent energies of this week?"  This is so individuals can intuit and apply their own conclusions, obviously unique to their circumstances.    

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