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Work well with your hands-Become a Reiki Healer

**No Workshops currently scheduled

However- if you are interested in setting up a group class for friends or your Workplace, contact Cyndi at:    615-509-7321

4 person minimum group


Course Descriptions:

​Beginning Reiki Workshop (includes levels I and II)

​Financial Investment: $230

​$45 Deposit to reserve your spot

or payment in full is also appreciated!


Time Investment: 12 hours/ 6 hours per level.  Typically both taught in a weekend workshop

Professional Certificate upon completion


​Traditional Usui  Reiki Natural Healing Method

Reiki Practitioner: Level I Training - Shoden "First Teachings"

The first level of training, in Japanese, called “Shoden” or “First Teachings”, is focused on understanding the concepts of self-healing/care and healing others through basic routines of hand placements in addition to an introduction to the foundation of Reiki. I teach a routine of Medical Qigong exercises in my classes to help the students develop a personal care practice that enhances their abilities to sense energy flows in the body, replenish their own energy reserves and set the stage for experiencing the holistic nature of the healing.  No Pre-requisite is necessary, except having a sincere desire and openness to learn. 



Reiki Practitioner Level II Training- Okuden "Teaching of the Inner Arts"

Pre-requisite: Level I training.   


The second level, “Okuden” or “Communication of the Inner Arts”, deepens the student’s understanding of the intangible aspects of energetic healing by adding the use of symbols which serve as mantras or yantras (energetic flashpoints) to increase the efficacy of the healing flowing through them to their patients; also, the student begins to work more in the energetic layers outer layers of the body, including the mental/emotional fields and the spiritual fields.


Reiki Master/ Teacher - Level III Training- Shinpiden "Mystery Teachings"​

Financial Investment: $300

$75 deposit reserves your spot,

or pay in full (totally accepted!)

​Time Investment: 24 Hours/ 4/ 6 hour sessions

Professional Certificate upon completion


​​Prerequisite: Reiki Levels I and II


Taking the Master level Reiki Training is the third, and as far as we know in Western training, the final step of learning Mikao Usui’s Reiki Natural Healing Method. The main objective for this training is to provide the students with the skills they need to teach Reiki and, because Reiki is a healing art, to develop their unique practices to use Reiki as healers, rather than as simple technicians. At the third level, the student is expected to have had some real-world practice with Reiki healing and is ready to make a Commitment to using Reiki in his or her everyday life through teaching and/or as a healer. The Japanese term for this level is “Shinpiden” which translates as “Mystery Teaching”.  

Master Class features:

seminar style
Student led discussion and sharing knowledge

Hands on Practice

Teaching practice

Connections between Medical Qigong and Reiki

Qigong Practice for Healers


Payable online (preferred) through:

Square (button below)



Check- Send to

Cynthia Clark

1314 Stratford Ave

Nashville, TN 37216

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