Ring of Fire

Whether or not you find any validity in astrology as a meaningful system, what I always am inspired by is the symbolism and the opportunity to draw from the positions of the planets new themes to meditate upon, while also learning how the motions of the solar system have a real effect on the motions of the earth which mean everything to the flourishing of life on our planet. Although I do believe every person has what we would call a free will, as earthlings we are also subject to many influences that can obscure or alter free choice, like natural events and the shifting constellation of humanity- collective consciousness. As I looked for information about our solar eclipse today, I found an article about it from a page I follow on social media, Astro Butterfly. I won’t discuss the details since you can read for yourself in the article, linked in the quote below. Instead, I wanted to share some of the themes that might be nice to meditate on during this new moon’s energetic influence, which is boosted quite a bit during the time of this ring of fire solar eclipse. Enjoy reinventing yourself should you choose to take up the task!

“The solar eclipse is a fated new beginning, something that happens TO us, and can present itself in the form of an opportunity, or a demand to adjust to a new situation.”
Astro Butterfly

This week's solar eclipse is, "a total solar eclipse with a twist.", according to AB- it's an annular eclipse, which means that with the moon farther away from the earth than usual, it doesn't fully cover the sun, so there is a "halo effect", or the appearance of a "ring of fire", which she sees as symbolic of the light not being overcome by the darkness, so it is a "fated new beginning". The union of light and dark produce a divine emergence; something new and the halo, with its symbolism suggests a holy message. The reading I did for this week's Yijing project hit right within this theme. (Jump to the section here, if you'd like). Now is a good time to consider new possibilities from things you may have discarded or not understood well before now, a theme in astrology, of Mercury retrograde, which is also happening. Look deeper to find traces of meanings you’ve overlooked. According to some astrologers, an eclipse represents the type of unions between light and dark (Sun and Moon) which points to recreating, reinventing yourself by allowing personal evolution to unfold- phoenix out of the ashes of the past. If you'd like to get in touch with some of these possibilities, here are some ideas to meditate on from her analysis of the planets and their arrangements:

Neptune is square to Mercury. Intuition, dreams (Neptune) and Reality of the senses/ facts (Mercury). Focus on what matters to us in the context of the world we live in.

Mercury retrograde is seen psychologically as revisiting the past not let go of or having to undergo a lesson not learned. Focus on listening to subtleties in meaning or aspects of your situation that you may have been there, done that before, but missed the last time around.

Think of your Imagination as a tool to create new possibilities and to dissolve what is no longer needed.