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"Don't think. Don't get lost in your thoughts. Your thoughts are a veil on the face of the moon. The moon is your heart. So let them go- just let them fall in the water." Rumi

We are approaching another full moon on Monday, April 26th, traditionally called the Pink Moon- and this year, it is also a super moon, hence the super pink.

May you all enjoy being in the pink throughout this time and for the rest of the year. May the same be true of our families, friends, communities, countries, and the world at large and beyond. May the pink reach even beyond the pale.

Some Pink and Willow healing magic

"Cover Me In Sunshine"


Continuation of thoughts on sound healing- Words and Sounds:

The ancient Daoist Wu Yi believed that language itself had a magical power and that the spoken word was a potent part of any healing or shamanic work. Speaking words of any kind much less magical words was once taken so seriously that the misuse of speech was considered a grievous error and was punished severely, since words name something into reality. The energy put forth in words lives- it becomes. It also transforms what it is naming, to reveal the true nature of things.

If the voice is anything it is a self, emerging from sound- a marker of identity. We recognize each other by voice, and we hear all kinds of things in a voice about the person speaking. Is he mad? Is she calm, excited? But also, in a split second we decide whether a speaker is trustworthy, or not. Many times, our brains make that decision before we even know what they are saying, for better or worse. The power of speech can reflect the soul’s intent. We don't have to physically hear the voice to be moved by it or for it to affect our mindset. The brain cannot tell the difference between a conversation that you're actually having in real time with another person or one you are having in your head through memory of a conversation with someone else, or if you're talking to yourself.

(Research link here Salvo, et al & Nield )

All matter is a manifestation of vibration and wave function. Solids and liquids in the natural world, including those in our bodies, are organized and defined by the underlying patterns created by these. We are made from pulses that become energetic fields that vibrate with a force like sound waves (or wind) and this is why they have the power to actually move matter. Think for a second on that- mental and emotional content related to our individual selves carry frequencies that can move particles or cells. Sound has a profound influence as an energetic code on the subtle body. It creates a link between matter and the refined emanations (mind, emotion, and higher order energies) that radiate from it. It is experienced consciously through the senses, but also opens doorways to the unconscious. It can elicit an automatic negative or positive response.

"The whole body from ears to toes is just a collection of vibrations; we're practically made of sound! Understand sound, you understand us." (Softky) (from last week)

Consider these modern experiments:

Cell Peer Pressure

Nina Bissell, a cell biologist who is studying cures for breast cancer has a hypothesis that cells must have a particular and unique balance of signals to know who they are and how they fit into the larger context. Signals being electrical in nature and vibrating a frequency, would resonate like sound frequencies. So sound vibrations are in a sense creating an environment for cells, though this isn't exactly what Dr. Bissell talks about- sound. But she does mention how frequencies form a microenvironment created by these vibrations, which she sees as key to how a liver cell, for example, knows that it is to be part of the liver instead of the spleen, and how to help with the function of the liver.

How does it know it's a liver cell as opposed to say a skin cell? This identity is important in making cells behave the way they're supposed to, kind of like peer pressure for cells. It appears that what happens with cancer where the cells apparently go rogue. We have cancer cells that roam throughout the body all the time, but they don't all turn to cancer. So, when they do what happens? Perhaps they forget who they are. They're no longer able to speak the language or sing the songs of the others. They no longer fit in.

Sound and color therapy

Fabrian Maman is an acupuncturist and Qigong master. In the 1980's, he did an experiment with some of his patients who were suffering from cervical cancer. He projected sound from a xylophone along with his Qi emission therapy and photographed the process at the cellular level using Kirlian photography. He used nine different frequencies of sound for 14 minutes and this was enough to vibrate the patient's tissues. It was enough vibration to basically explode the cancer cells. One thing he observed in the process is that the healthy cells breathed in such a way that allowed them to take in the sound energy, absorb it, and even return it. But the cancer cells were unsynchronized with the others and without the proper identity where inflexible and couldn't change, therefore they died. The talk of his experiment starts about 15 minutes in, I have tried to preset that in the link, though the whole talk is wonderful.

The Cricket Principle

Lee Bartels is a musicologist who has done some promising research on the power of binaural and monaural tones to make changes in the memory circuits for of Alzheimer's patients, for the better. He's noted that specialized brain circuits create microenvironments for all of the bodies’ functions. For instance, there is a unique circuitry created for memory function. Movement of brain waves along the circuit has to be synchronized or the function is impaired. These circuits are forms of entrainment that start with a pulsating rhythmic tone which becomes an irresistible pathway and that leads the other nerves and or neural impulses that brains messages to all follow suit, like once a cricket begins to chirp the others join in unison. Bartels dubs this 'the cricket principle'. As I mentioned last week, Stephen Porges' work shows that the most effective music for healing emotional trauma carries the frequency of the human voice, which he measured at 40 Hertz. Interestingly that's the same frequency of the tones Doctor Bartels used in his work with Alzheimer's patients.

So clearly our voices are powerful catalysts for healing. If a tone by itself can have power, or if a sound is part of the true creative power, how much more power is there in language, in words? I would think that a word, with its focused and intelligent meaning, could have tremendous power to influence conditions.

Words, both silent and spoken impact universal structures:

Consider Masaru Emoto’s work with the effect of hostile words/ intentions versus blessings or loving words on water and water crystals. He was able to show, as you can see in the video below, how speaking hateful words into water did apparently cause nightmarish crystals to form; but saying a prayer or using kind words on the same water created beautiful crystal, that is, crystals with perfect symmetry. We are made up of a whole lot of water.

The healing sounds are not really words, but they are like talking to the organs. They resonate with them in such a way as to vibrate, as said earlier, stuck energy to disperse and move along. Once we purge with sound we can refill the organ with light or specific colors to revitalize and restore original integrity of the systems. On the other hand mantras can be can be words or they can be just sounds that carry power like the famous "OM", which is thought to contain no less than the essence of ultimate reality, but it's not an actual word. Sometimes they are words that have specific meaning and when we use them that way many times what we're doing with them is we're commanding energy to do something specific using mantras for meditation or for healing purposes also helps to remove the thinking mind or the ego giving it something to do.

While there is still so much to say, I want to end this week's post by offering practical Qigong work to add to your practice should you be inclined to try them. Below are two techniques that utilize sound to heal emotional turmoil.

Primer on "Open the Door, Remove the Thief", explained by Dr. JMichael Wood, DMQ:

This is a powerful technique that can be used as you are working through the struggles of emotional trauma. It disperses and removes the emotional charge that keeps a person stuck in inappropriate emotional bondage to past traumatic injury.

Open the Door/Remove the Thief (aka- SKT) makes use of a mantra of real Chinese words that work as commands:

Song = relax

Kong = empty

Tong = move, free (up) hindrance

Bing = illness

Chuan yu – recover from illness

Basic movements: "Old Man Finds Pearl at the Bottom of a Tidepool, by Dr. Jason Gordon, DMQ:

Old Man makes use of the six organ healing sounds to break up emotional excess. Great for those everyday types of frustrations that can sometimes get the better of us.

Each of these techniques involve moving the body in different ways- SKT includes a tapping sequence and Old Man include specific body movements, to bring the problematic energies back to the body they originated within so they can be dispersed and released, allowing new patterns to emerge.

Thank you- have a great week ahead.


Yijing Project: April 18-24, 2021

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