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The Sounds of Healing

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. Chinese proverb

Apparently, Kiki Dee was right back in 1974 when she sang, "I got the music in me. I got the music in me. I got the music in me." Even though it's old school, this song is so well known over the world, and so true, though proper credit should go to her keyboardist, Bias Boshell, for letting us in on this miraculous fact. However, I feel like I should apologize if it gets stuck in your head all day- this is the power of the voice I talked about in an earlier post- you don't even have to physically hear it again for the memory to be triggered, so it couldn't be helped. Click on the graphic to the right for the remedy. You're welcome.

Healing Sounds

In Medical Qigong Therapy

We are inherently musical beings; the elements of musicality- pulse, rhythm, tone, melody, timbre- are encoded in our DNA, and developed in the womb, according to Chinese medical theory. Music is great therapy, but in Chinese medicine, when we talk about healing sounds, we are usually talking about using specific tones (either musical notes or spoken) to create harmony and balance when chaos, like toxic emotional patterns from trauma or in the form of disease, threatens to rob us of our potential or our very lives. Sound healing disrupts the "disrupters" through chaotic resonance that vibrates those little varmints out of existence.

The organ healing sounds, as I learned them are:

  • Hu (Whooo) promotes healing in the Spleen/Stomach

  • Ssss (breathing in) or Shhh (breathing out) promotes healing in the Lung/Large Intestine organs

  • Chree (Shreeee) promotes healing in the Kidneys/ Urinary Bladder organ system

  • Shu (Shoooo) promotes healing in the Liver/ Gall Bladder organ system

  • Ha (Haaaaah) promotes healing in the Heart/ Small Intestine organ system

This video, by Master Sat Hon, is a short primer in 5 Element Theory and the Healing Sounds in Traditional Chinese Medicine:


“Illnesses are one manifestation of disorder of the body’s vibrational frequency. Moreover the curative vibrational frequencies create order in the center of this chaos. One method for changing the energetic field is called the science and technology of cymatics. It allows us to concretely see the pattern of sound and how it functions.” Li Shi Fu, Abbot, 5 Immortals Temple. (Blog entry)

During the sixth (lunar) month of fetal development, Metal element Jing (essence), related to the Lungs, is calibrated in the fetus, a process that “stabilizes the sinew and connective tissues and governs the ability to form and maintain emotional bonding with others.” (Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson) Considering what the sinew and connective tissues are, it might be obvious that these tissues can carry vibrations from one place to another. Hearing begins around 18 weeks and is well defined by the sixth (solar) month of fetal development in Western embryology and once hearing is activated, the budding infant can begin to sense the sounds of the environment outside the womb. This sets the stage for our inner music to be activated and to be synchronized (under good conditions) with the musical being of others- a Metal element theme.

The Six Pitches are established in the baby’s storage areas, i.e., the Yang organs- stomach, gall bladder, small and large intestines, urinary bladder and the triple burner. This is further evidence that the pitches are meant to be forces of movement, agents of cymatic change, since they are placed within the Yang organs who are tasked with transporting energy and other substances to different areas of the body or carry them out of the body altogether. "These pitches (Jue, Zhi, Gong, Shang, Yu, and Xi) vibrate specific organs and tissue areas; energetically, they nourish the body’s Qi and support the lower burner. At the same time, the prenatal "Six Pitches" are calibrated within the body, a specific musical note's frequency reverberates deeply within each organ." (ibid)

“Heavenly Five element Prenatal Sounds":

  • Jue- Wood (musical note-E), relates to the energy of the Liver and Gall Bladder

  • Zhi- Fire (musical note-G), relates to the energy of the Heart and Small Intestine

  • Gong- Earth (musical note-Middle C), relates to the energy of the Spleen and Stomach

  • Shang- Metal (musical note-D), relates to the energy of the Lungs and Large Intestine

  • Yu- Water (musical note-A), relates to the energy of the Kidneys and Urinary Bladder

  • Xi (Fire, no note), relates to the energy of the Triple Burners (shell of the torso- this sound has a cooling effect on the tissues and hot emotional Winds)

Distinct from the Healing Sounds, used for personal practice, these tones are used for clinical purposes to nourish the Qi and support the Lower Burner (the organs and structures in the lowest part of the pelvis). So unless one is being treated by a qualified practitioner for some type of intractable, difficult disease (i.e., cancer and radiation, chemotherapy; or debilitating emotional trauma), the Prenatal pitches should not used outside of therapeutic settings.

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