Wind in the Door Blows Things Open

Meditations on storms, thunderation, healing sound and creation.

“I felt it when I met the Bora, the Foehn, the Mistral, and the other wild winds I went so far to find; or that came to find me. I still feel it at the rising of every day, nameless gusts that disrupt and disarray, disturbing our ordered selves both physically and psychically, teetering on the borderline between awe and fear—between being uplifted and being blown away."

Nick Hunt, ”Winds of Awe and Fear”, Emergence Magazine

Ah, the stormy spring times. Wind, lightning, thunder, and renewal; occasionally, a tornado or two. But if not for the turbulence, literally, nothing would change. That would probably be annoying. I grew up in a part of the world that was so windy. How windy was it? Here is this year in January:

I am so grateful to be here in Nashville, even though we have had our struggles with tornadoes, I do not miss dust storms that can be seen from space. Anyway....

“In nature, it is the wind that disperses the gathered clouds, leaving the sky clear and serene (interject, except in Lubbock- statement not in original text). In human life it is penetrating clarity of judgment that thwarts all dark hidden motives. In the life of the community it is the powerful influence of a great personality that uncovers and breaks up those intrigues which shun the light of day.” I Ching, Hexagram 57- Xun

Healing words carry meaning through speech. This human, natural wind changes the cycles of the body (seasons) and in time, the toxic energy flows out of the system. The wind’s effect upon the body is shown in the character feng 風 representing “the powerful energetic impulses of the Wind’s potential to immediately carry something into extremes”, (Johnson, 543) bringing chaotic resonance to recalcitrant disease states. Also, a healing sound vo