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Private or Small Group Scheduling is an Option:

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Course Descriptions:

Beginning Reiki Workshop (includes levels I and II)

Financial Investment: $230

Space is limited: Registration is Required

$45 Deposit to reserve your spot

or payment in full is also appreciated!

Time Investment: 12 hours

Next Workshop is Saturday November 16th and 17th, 10am to 4 pm

Reiki I on Saturday, followed by Reiki II on Sunday


Instruction includes: 

 Traditional Usui Method

Reiki Practitioner: Level I Training - Shoden "First Teachings"

The first level of training, in Japanese, called “Shoden” or “First Teachings”, is focused on understanding the concepts of self-healing/care and healing others through basic routines of hand placements in addition to an introduction to the foundation of Reiki. I teach a routine of Medical Qigong exercises in my classes to help the students develop a personal care practice that enhances their abilities to sense energy flows in the body, replenish their own energy reserves and set the stage for experiencing the holistic nature of the healing.  No Pre-requisite is necessary, except having a sincere desire and openness to learn. 

Reiki Practitioner Level II Training- Okuden "Teaching of the Inner Arts"


 Pre-requisite for taking the Level II training is Level I training.   The second level, “Okuden” or “Communication of the Inner Arts”, deepens the student’s understanding of the intangible aspects of energetic healing by adding the use of symbols which serve as mantras or yantras (energetic flashpoints) to increase the efficacy of the healing flowing through them to their patients; also, the student begins to work more in the energetic layers outer layers of the body, including the mental/emotional fields and the spiritual fields.


Reiki Master/ Teacher - Level III Training- Shinpiden "Mystery Teachings"

Financial Investment: $300/

$75 deposit reserves your spot,

or pay in full (totally accepted!)

Time Investment: 24 Hours

Next Class is Saturday/Sunday, Sept. 21st/ 22nd -10am-4pm

This is the first of two weekends to complete the workshop; weekend #2

date in October will be coordinated during class

Location will be on your receipt after registration

Prerequisite: Reiki Levels I and II

Taking the Master level Reiki Training is the third, and as far as we know in Western training, the final step of learning Mikao Usui’s Reiki Natural Healing Method. The main objective for this training is to provide the students with the skills they need to teach Reiki and, because Reiki is a healing art, to develop their unique practices to use Reiki as healers, rather than as simple technicians. At the third level, the student is expected to have had some real-world practice with Reiki healing and is ready to make a more serious commitment to using Reiki in his or her everyday life through teaching and/or as a healer. The Japanese term for this level is “Shinpiden” which translates as “Mystery Teaching”. By this time, the practitioner has learned practically all the traditional technique as we know it, save the Master symbols and a few techniques recently translated by Frank Arjava-Petter, an American Reiki Master, so any new learning here is to prepare the student to transmit Reiki to others through teaching and an attunement and to couple that with practical information- how to plan and organize a class, how to find and arrange space for classes and healing sessions and to share. Because it is anticipated that people taking this course have some feel for their own style in using Reiki, I like to teach classes at this level, using a seminar style where I am a facilitator rather than a dispenser of “knowledge”, so the course will include a heavy dose of organized student led discussion, student practice lessons and healing demonstrations. The students will teach a short lesson on Reiki I, and will write a small paper (no more than 5 pages) to finish the certification. Ideally, the class will take 3 hours over 3 days, one week apart for a total of 9 Hours, although I may teach in a single day or over two days. The longer course is preferred to give the students time to practice and apply what they are learning. No matter the format, the hours and course titles will stay the same.

Weekly Qigong Practice Sessions: 

These classes are generally 45 minutes to an hour long and the practice focuses on strengthening the body, mind and spirit through posture, breathing technique and mental focus.  I try to incorporate seasonal practices as well,  where we will focus on strengthening the appropriate organ system:  Spring- Liver; Summer-Heart; Late Summer- Spleen; Fall- Lungs; Winter- Kidneys.  If you are a member of 50 Forward, I am teaching at three locations: Madison, Donelson and Bellevue- those classes are at no extra charge to your membership.  Check with Nashville Community Education during their Fall and Spring sessions, I teach Qigong movement and a Self Healing with Energy Arts class there and sign up for my newsletter and stay in the loop about other opportunities to learn Qigong and Reiki.


I offer group sessions or private lessons by appointment-New pricing:


Private lessons:

Individuals: $25 per lesson

Scheduled once a week



Good option for those who would like to start a weekly qigong practice among friends, coworkers or clients


Minimum class size: 3

Works out to $10 per person per week

Scheduled in 6-week blocks:  $60 per person, per block



Lesson blocks are payable online, or by check, card or cash:

No refunds for cancellations after classes have started or for missed classes in a block [on an individual basis, may consider a make up session, as schedule allows]


Location: TBA at scheduling

Online payments (Square Store (here), personal checks or cash; also Paypal and Square Reader (credit or debit cards)






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Call:   615-509-7321 

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Mail to:

   1314 Stratford Ave

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Class Registration/Payment Policies:


  In order to keep things moving as smoothly as possible:


Please register at least a week in advance of your desired class to ensure a spot in the class.  


I will cancel any class with  2 people or less (excluding private lessons)  within 48 hours before scheduled time.    

Should you need to cancel for a class date, please do so with as much advance notice as possible (3 days is good); you will be offered another available date to attend or placed on a waiting list for future dates. If no acceptable alternative date can be arranged you will receive a refund of class fee.




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